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Defiant Group was founded in 2013 as Defiant Business Solutions Inc., the first ever, no-overhead, Telephone Retention Automotive Sale Company. Upon realizing the complete void of a third party company to full-fill all daily needs and aspects of a dealership, Defiant Group was born.


Does this sound familiar?

Super Sale Companies, who don't create the marketing or who charge your dealership for 10,000 flyers only for you to find out less than half were sent, if any at all.  Wholesalers with no integrity. "Trainers" sent out to motivate and close deals that couldn't sell you 10 cars in a month. Scrambling when your finance Manager goes on holidays for 2 weeks and you have no one with equal skill to get your deals approved. Your finance department blowing that deal and then finding out the customer bought next door or in the city when they ran into someone with more skill and finesse to get them approved..


Imagine all these obstacles gone.

This is the vision of Defiant Group; Your one-stop-shop for all of your third party needs.

Incremental Profits

Our goal is to provide services that positively impact your bottom line; not siphon from it


Unlike our competitors, we look out for the best interests of your company to create a lasting relationship and a sustainable business model


We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Bringing business back into your store is always our number one priority


We believe that social 

media is the future.

Our marketers are mastering lead generation online

and working on building up your customer base

"Profit is not a dirty word."


-Steve Jobs


Someone or something that resists behaving or conforming to what is asked or expected

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