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It's human nature to not want to miss out. 

That's why our marketing team will post constant, current updates to our page for the entirety of your event, creating massive urgency among your buyers. 

Ongoing Social Media Updates

Lets Face it....

The days of blanketing the post office boxes with 5000 generic flyers and watching everyone fly into your lot to win their free fishing rod are over. . . 

We are NOT in the flyer business.

We are in the SUCCESS business. 

Our team will take a hands on, diversified approach, unique to your brand and demographics, creating marketing plan that works including handwritten, hand stamped, personalized letters with particular details unique to each customer, boosting integrity and results superior to the generic marketing our competitors use. 

Personalized Marketing that 

Interactive Marketing Strategy


Part of our services is to provide sell-able leads. 

Let our marketing department Flood your email with lead after lead for one flat fee.

Check out the application here...

Lead Generation

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