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Why Defiant Events?

It's simple; nobody does it like we do.

Our slogan is #doingitdifferent for a reason. Not only are we changing the way people can buy a car; We're changing the way dealerships can sell them! 

Grease, lies, heat, and kinks, are words we have removed from our corporate dictionary to ensure you, and your clients are treated to the highest standards of professionalism, second to NONE. 

Great People
Provide Great 


You've heard the horror stories. 

The Lies.

The Be backs.

The broken promises. 

The Heat. 

At Defiant Group, a lasting business relationship with you is of the most utmost importance to us.  


To create that, we must ensure your customers are 110% satisfied, and our biggest fans so they continue to come back and bring their friends. 

We take pride in ensuring each and every event you host with us has a tremendous effect on your Sales Department's profitability. 

To do this, we facilitate an ongoing, constantly updated media platform to capture the attention of potential buyers in the area, and create continued excitement throughout the many mediums of social media.


NEVER lose a deal

In a time when over 90% of people finance their vehicles, and probably 90% of those people carry over negative-equity, you want to be sure your deals are getting approved. 

We understand our competitors are known for leaving dealerships on the hook, due to the fraudulent Loans they facilitate and this is a BIG NO-NO for us. 

We use our bank relationships and Defiant deal building strategy to ensure you get EVERY deal WITHOUT the exposure.


We Believe the people of today are done with the gimmicks. 

They're done with free fishing rods. 

We will work alongside your staff to plan the perfect grass roots centered events, bringing the people in, for a fraction of the cost. 

Why Defiant Events?

This is not a sale.. It is an Event

Super Sales are a thing of the past. Having someone drive 200km's to find out their gift is a $5.00 bbq, doesn't earn you business and Pi##es off your clients. 

At Defiant Group, We will brainstorm with you to create an event that floods your dealership or offsite location with potential buyers, along with re-enforcing your grass roots within your community. 

The Pictures Speak for themselves...

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